It wasn't long ago, that Waylon was telling us about one-way aisles at City Market stores here in Grand Junction. Now it looks like Walmart will be following suit and asking customers to follow the arrows on the ground as they implemented one-way aisles to help shoppers with social distancing.

All stores across the country will be implementing these one-way aisles according to 9 News. Shoppers will see green "Shop This Way" decals on the floor identifying which way customers are supposed to make their way down the aisle.

This move is being made after all employees have started wearing masks or other face coverings all in efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

I will admit that my first trip to City Market after they started using these one-way aisles I completely forgot and started walking down the aisle the wrong way. There was a gentleman that was very nice and just point out that the arrows on the floor meant we were only supposed to go one way. A great reminder for me, while a friendly way of relaying that information.

These changes are going to take time for all of us to remember so if someone walks down an aisle that you're shopping on, please be nice, and just remind them of the one-way aisle signs.

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