A video placed in the Grand Junction Time Capsule has surfaced on the internet, giving us a glimpse into Grand Junction's past.

The video was produced by Richard Farr for the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce and placed in the time capsule in 1984. In 2024, it will be 40 years and the time capsule will be opened.

For those that can't wait another 7 years, or fear they may not be around in 7 years, we can get a good look back at our great town in 1984.

Much of the area looks the same, but you may notice some differences - like Two Rivers Plaza is now Two Rivers Convention Center; Best Western Horizon Inn is now America's Best Value Inn; The Hungry Prospector is gone from Mesa Mall - and there's been much growth at the airport.

Oh, and the hairstyles have changed.

In another seven years, who knows what will be missing from the Grand Junction picture or what additions will be made to the ever-changing landscape. Stick around and find out.

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