Growing up most people spent time playing video games although they have certainly changed over the years. Years ago there was no option of playing video games on the go, you had to be in front of the television with a controller in your hand. Well now with esports gaining popularity it looks like Colorado and seven other cities will be getting video game themed hotels.

One of the original video gaming devices Atari is hoping to gain popularity again by leaning into the hospitality industry, according to Engadget. Atari has now signed a deal with a real estate developer for its name and brand to be all over these hotels that will be popping up in Denver, Phoenix, Austin, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, and of course Las Vegas.

Each of these hotels will feature an esports studio, no one is exactly sure what these studios will include but gamers across the country are loving this idea. Each hotel will also feature an "Atari gaming playground" which will be more like a lounge area and probably feature more of the classic titles that everyone knows and loves.

These hotels are also expected to feature normal amenities such as a pool and gym and go above and beyond by featuring restaurants, bars, bakeries, and even movie theaters.

This might be a great way to have parents and kids interacting with video games both old and new. While I was never a huge Atari guy, if there was ever a Mario Cart hotel I would be more than interested in staying there. Hopefully, it would include go-carts used to get around the hotel. This is all wishful thinking.

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