If you're a fan of retro video games and systems like the NES, Atari, Play Station and more, you need to know about this.

Coming to Grand Junction on November 4, Grand Junction GameCon will be set up at Western Colorado Community College form 10-A.M. to 7 P.M. While there, you will have the chance to swap games, play in tournaments and network with other retro gaming fans.

Like myself. Oh yes, I love my 360, don't get me wrong, but I could sit in front of a TV and play Battletoads all night. Or Super Mario Brothers. Or maybe the original Final Fantasy series.

Play in tournaments with fighting or sports games, get neat door prizes and allow yourself to go back in time and play those old games again.

Video gaming has become a billion-dollar industry, and with more and more technology come more and more games that almost look like you're playing with actual people. I long for the days when you beat up cartoon people. Or raced cartoon cars. Or played badly images football players. That's when gaming was true, raw and real.

Here are my five favorite games of all time.


Without question one of my most favorite games ever. On any console. I never got to finish this game which made me mad, but all the more reason to see if I can find it.

Street Fighter

Everyone loved this one. Going down the street, beating up bad guys and saving the girl. Heck yes.

Tecmo Super Bowl

There were other video football games but for me, this was it. It was a lot of fun, trying to figure out which blip was yours.

Final Fantasy 1-4

Honestly, the reason I started playing RPGs in the first place was because of this franchise. I still play it.

Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf

This was fun because you really had to know your stuff to get good scores in this game. We spent hours playing this.

I hope I see you out there, and if you find Battletoads, let me know!

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