This weekend, a Colorado man almost set a record for the world's largest aerial firework, except it blew up (just not like it was supposed to).

Doesn't matter to us, we just like to watch stuff blow up. A man in Steamboat was attempting to set a world record with an aerial firework on Saturday, but all suspense led up to a failed launch when it erupted too early.

*Holds back obvious joke to keep this PG.*

The pyrotechnic expert behind it has previously built record-setting fireworks, according to Fox News, also reporting that 'building the shell used in the failed attempt Saturday took a month of 8-hour workdays.'

Hey, these things happen. Fortunately, his spirit wasn't crushed, telling the Pilot & Today that breaking world records aren't supposed to be easy. Has says he'll try again next year, and we're looking forward to it.

Here's the video via Bree'Aunna Turman on Facebook:

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