Not a lot of crazy things happen in Colorado, right? Crazy or unexplained things happen elsewhere, like California, not Colorado.

Well, would video evidence help? Let's see.

Storm watchers had to be exicted with this video of a tornado near Wray.

In 2016 a video surfaced from Boulder about a possible UFO sighting. Is this crazy?

And for downright thrilling, how about this video shot right here in Grand Junction? Wanna ride?

See, the great thing about our state is some very cool things happen quite often, but we just get to enjoy it ourselves. So having these videos to let us enjoy the fun others are having is a great way to get the thought process working on what cool things you want to do. Maybe you like to chase storms, or ride like the wind or maybe you just like to shoot videos when something odd pops up.

If that sounds like you,l then we would love to see the crazy videos you have shot. Let's share!

Before you go, one more heart stopper.

Have fun!

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