Someone neglected Smokey Bear's rules about campfires and a cabin on Grand Mesa burned down because of it.

Officials from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office say an unattended campfire spread to a nearby cabin completely destroying it and caused the evacuation of a neighborhood near Vega Lake on Saturday (September 2).

The fire at 67625 Vega Vista Drive was reported Saturday afternoon. The cabin was occupied at the time of the fire, but those inside were able to escape without injury.

The fire also led to emergency evacuations of 45 seasonal cabins in the area. Those evacuated were able to return their cabins once the Plateau Valley Fire Department contained the cabin fire and determined there was no further risk to any other property or structures.

In addition to the cabin, an outbuilding on the property, half an acre of land, and a power pole were burned. The fire department said residents and vacationers were able to slow the spread of the fire which helped the fire department to keep the blaze contained to a smaller area.

Because of the dry conditions, even a small spark or an ember from a campfire can ignite nearby grass and brush which can quickly spread causing significant destruction.

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