I would bet most people on the western slope would say they don't talk with an accent, but the fact is, it is possible that a Utah accent has permeated the Grand Valley.

I have to admit, I have heard some of these words being spoken around town but never knew where they came from. It is possible Utah gets the credit, according to Stuff Utahns Like.

Here's one you've probably heard. "Let's go check out that garage sell." Of course, what they mean is garage sale. Or how about " Do you have a sell boat?"  To which I would reply, "No, I have a sail boat."

Here's another one. "Did you happen to check the mell box."  My reply, "No, I did not check the mell box because I don't know what the heck that is, but I DID check the mail box to see if the latest bills had arrived.

Here are some more words that just aren't coming out of so many people's mouths the right way.

  • crick instead of creek
  • rill instead of real
  • ending words with "ink" rather than "ing"
  • pelluh instead of pillow
  • acrosst instead of across
  • workin' instead of working
  • perscription instead of prescription
  • wull instead of well
  • warsh instead of wash
  • Mondee instead of  Monday

If you are "guilty" of five or more of these language infractions, it's possible you have a Utah accent -- whether you realize it or not.



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