When it came to words, if there wasn't one William Shakespeare liked, he invented it. You'll be in amazement at how many words he invented that are still in use today.

According to Shakespeare Online, amazement is one of roughly 1,700 Shakespeare words that are still used today.

Shakespeare was also familiar with seven different languages and was a master at changing existing words to create new ones.

Consider Oxford Dictionaries 2014 Word of the Year is 'Vape' and compare that to some of these words invented by Shakespeare.

  • accused
  • addiction
  • advertising
  • assassination
  • compromise
  • dawn
  • deafening
  • skim milk
  • summit
  • torture

Those are just a sample of the words Shakespeare coined. So next time you hear some obscene circumstantial gossip about a fashionable green-eyed champion know that many of the words mimic those of Shakespeare.

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