The U.S. Navy is in town for sailor's week and they are learning about their ship's namesake.

The only ship in the fleet named after a national park, the USS Mesa Verde carries out special operations, amphibious missions and other missions as directed.

Crew members are in town getting some hands-on experience about Mesa Verde at the Museum of the West in Grand Junction.

As part of the Grand Junction Air Show the Navy is in town with the Blue Angels, and have brought along a number of specialists in order to let those who normally don't get the chance to a chance to see how they operate, get the information direct from the people performing it and get educated about who the U.S. Navy is.

Every year, America's Navy comes home to approximately 15 cities across the country to show Americans why having a strong Navy is critical to the American way of life.

Since 2005, the Navy Week program has served as the Navy's principal outreach effort into areas of the country without a significant Navy presence, with 210 Navy Weeks held in 74 different U.S. cities.  The program is designed to help Americans understand that their Navy is deployed around the world, around the clock, ready to defend America at all times.

Navy Weeks focus a variety of outreach assets, equipment and personnel on a single city for a week-long series of engagements with key influencers and organizations representing all sectors of the market.  During a Navy Week, 75-100 outreach events are coordinated with corporate, civic, government, education, media, veterans, community service and diversity organizations in the city.

The Blue Angels, the Navy Parachute Team, Navy bands, Navy divers, namesake ship and submarine crews, hometown Sailors, medical personnel, environmental displays, USS Constitution Sailors and equipment, and Navy recruiting properties all participate in the Navy Week program.

Welcome to Grand Junction to the U.S. Navy and the crew of the USS Mesa Verde!

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