Former Department of Energy workers and contractors are being honored at the Grand Junction Rockies Atomic Heroes Appreciation Night, Wednesday, June 21 at Suplizio Field.

Western Colorado has a long history of mining and milling uranium with one of the most notable being Uravan. As part of the Manhattan Project, a refinery for extracting uranium from mining in the area was built in Grand Junction.

Honorees will receive free admission and special recognition during the game for their service to the US and their part in developing America's nuclear weapons defense systems.

These people worked in all facets of the nuclear industry from mining uranium, processing, refining, scientific research, developing and ultimately building nuclear weapons to protect America.

The health hazards and long-term effects of being exposed to radiation and chemicals were unknown at the time. The sacrifices the men and women in the nuclear energy field made are more than anyone could have imagined.

To reserve free tickets for the Atomic Heroes Appreciation Night game, contact Nuclear Care Partners at 970-244-0900.

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