It's the best news possible for Grand Junction's baseball fans.

The GJ Rockies announced Monday they are preparing to play baseball in 2021 and have announced a 92-game season will be played beginning in late May and running into early September.

A cloud of uncertainty has surrounded the future of the GJ Rockies ever since their 2020 season had to be canceled earlier this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Major League Baseball canceled all of the minor league baseball seasons and there have been discussions on how to restructure the major league baseball minor league system, including the elimination of some of the lower class teams.

It now looks like minor league baseball could remain in Grand Junction for years to come with the formation of the Major League Baseball Partner League. The GJ Rockies are joining with the other teams in the Pioneer League to play the 92-game season, and, of course, 46 of those games will be played at Suplizio Field.

In a statement, GJ Rockies President Mick Ritter said the Rockies "are excited to partner with Major League Baseball on the next chapter of professional baseball in Grand Junction."

The Grand Junction community has clearly embraced the Rockies since they moved from Casper, Wyoming in 2012. it's been great to see Grand Junction's amazing baseball facilities being utilized for more than just a week of games during the Junior College World Series, and a few high school and college games. Clearly, we love our baseball in the Grand Valley.

The news from the GJ Rockies is fantastic as the new approaches. We will all be hoping and praying that when the Rockies are ready to play baseball next spring we can actually have fans in the stands to cheer them on.

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