A professor at the University of Denver is among 38 online sex offenders arrested in Aurora. They were arrested in Aurora during Operation Broken Heart.

Operation Broken Heart is a nationwide operation that aims to target, arrest and prosecute online child predators. Over three dozen people were arrested in Aurora alone. These are people who, according to CBS4, have taken part in one of the following things:

  • Produce, distribute, receive and possess child pornography
  • Engage in online enticement of children for sexual purposes
  • Engage in the sex trafficking of children
  • Travel across state lines or to foreign countries and sexually abuse children

One of the people arrested is Scott Bean, who was a music professor at the University of Denver. He responded to 13-year-old girl's online ad, who said she was new and looking for friends to chat with in the ad.

A detective from Aurora Police Department's Colorado internet Crimes Against Children Task Force actually posted the ad in April. Most people stopped responding after they found out the girl 'Brandi' was only 13.

Scott Bean continued to contact 'Brandi' after he knew she was 13 and asked her what she thought of him, if she liked older guys and if she wanted to meet up. He even asked her if she could skip school to meet up with him.

Scott asked the girl for a nude photo and when he didn't get one, he sent her one of himself. When Scott arranged to meet 'Brandi' at an Aurora coffee shop, he was instead met by police, who arrested him.

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