Two of Colorado's largest trees have been destroyed by fire.

More than 54,000 acres burned in the 416 Fire this summer near Durango, and now it's been revealed that two of Colorado's biggest trees were lost in the fire.

In the Hermosa Creek area, about 20 miles from Durango, the combination of fertile soil, moist air, and protection from severe weather has made for a prime growing area resulting in the growth of exceptionally large trees.

A Douglas fir and a blue spruce that was ranked number one in their respective categories were destroyed in the massive blaze. Officials have now been able to get into the area to confirm the damage.

The Douglas fir stood 166-feet tall with a circumference of 17 feet and was one of the largest trees in the state. The blue spruce was measured at 166-feet tall with a circumference of 12 feet.

Millions of Colorado trees were lost in the 416 fire, but, it isn't all bad news, as a number of extra large trees survived the fire, including three champion trees. And, of course, in time, the lost trees will be replaced by new growth - but it's going to take time for these monster trees to be replaced.

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