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Over the past year, most people in Colorado have come to know Lauren Boebert as an outspoken business owner who stands firm in her conservative beliefs.

It didn't take long for critics to flock to Twitter on Monday calling for her resignation. The #ResignBoebert actually started trending on Twitter as more and more people shared and retweeted messages regarding the Colorado Representative.

Details released by KRDO show that Lauren Boebert has denounced the violent protests and condemned the actions of people who last Wednesday took it upon themselves to storm the US Capitol.

Rep. Boebert went on to say,

"I defended our Constitution and I always will. American will persevere because freedom always prevails."

Although what she said that really got lots of people angry was when she was referring to Democratic lawmakers and said,

"Their hypocrisy is on full display with talks of impeachment, censure, and other ways to punish Republicans for false accusations of inciting the type of violence they have so frequently and transparently supported in the past."

Not only have people on Twitter called for Boebert to resign but there was a rally that took place in Pueblo, Colorado just last Friday. Many people including lawmakers in that area believe Boebert should be sharing part of the blame for the violence that took place last week.

But one thing is sure, Boebert doesn't care what people write on Twitter or if people hold a rally in Pueblo. She is determined to continue to defend our Constitutional rights as she sees is best for as long as she is representing the people of Colorado.

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