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Good luck to anyone who wants to stand in between Representative Lauren Boebert and her firearms. The outspoken 2nd amendment supporter according to The Hill has now been granted a concealed carry permit in D.C. according to their police Chief.

To everyone who knows Lauren Boebert, this really shouldn't be a shock. She said in a video released last month that she would carry her firearm in D.C. and in Congress.

The police chief said he was well aware of Boebert's beliefs but he has never actually seen her carry a firearm. He said just recently he found out about her permit application, and it didn't seem like there was anything that was going to prevent her from being granted the permit.

Boebert is not the only lawmaker who has been known to carry at the US Capitol. Rep. Andy Harris a Republican from Maryland as well as Rep. Madison Cawthorn a Republican from North Carolina both set off metal detectors with concealed firearms last month.

While the police chief isn't exactly sure how many lawmakers have their permits to carry a concealed firearm but admits there are probably more than anyone expects. After the riots that took place on January 6, there will probably be more that will put in applications for their own permit.

As a firearm owner myself, I enjoy hearing about people getting their permits and learning how to use guns safely. And as we all have learned treat every firearm as if it were loaded.

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