Traveling at speeds in excess of 700 MPH across the state is possible if Colorado Hyperloop becomes reality.The concept of hyperloop is to connect U.S. cities that are less than 900 miles apart, and a group in Colorado wants to make sure the state is included in future plans.

The proposal from Colorado was one of about two-dozen finalists selected from around 2000 submissions worldwide by the Los Angeles-based company Hyperloop One. Ultimately, three winners will be chosen, according to CBS 4.

The technology is essentially an above-ground subway system, in which 28- passenger compartments would move through enclosed pods at super speeds using magnetic levitation.

Unfortunately, none of the three proposals from Colorado Hyperloop include Grand Junction. Theoretically, with hyperloop you could get from Grand Junction to Denver in under 20 minutes, however, we suspect the mountain terrain is not conducive to the hyperloop technology.

One proposal from Colorado Hyperloop connects Denver International Airport to Cheyenne, Wyoming, Vail, and Pueblo. A second concept connects Cheyenne to Pueblo with stops along the way, and a third idea connects Cheyenne to Houston, Texas.

Travel time between Denver and Colorado Springs would be six minutes - faster than you could get from Clifton to the North Avenue Walmart in a 1993 Cutless Supreme. Travel time from Cheyenne to Houston would be 80 minutes - about the time it takes to drive from Grand Junction to Glenwood Springs.

The whole idea sounds pretty far-fetched - but, once upon a time so did walking on the moon.

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