Do you suddenly find yourself with time on your hands during Western Colorado's strange icy weather? Are you suffering from cabin fever and looking for an opportunity to get out? This Western Colorado trail is awesome 365 days a year, but is at its best during snowy and icy conditions.

The Audubon section of the Riverfront Trail is located just off Broadway, with trailheads at the Albertson's shopping plaza and at Connected Lakes. The trail is brilliantly laid out, and well maintained. Parking is free at the Albertson's plaza. If you park in the lot at the other end, you will need a Parks Pass.

While this trail is always a prized fixture in the community, you may find it to be especially incredible with plenty of snow on the ground. The trail is paved from start to finish, and has been plowed since the last snowfall in the valley (January 7).

The trail is devoid of any climbs or technical areas. It's essentially a two-mile paved pathway winding through some amazing scenery. Snow does not complicate the trail. Rather, you'll find it compliments the journey.

If you would like to make the most of the shortened school and work days caused by recent weather, enjoy a walk down this trail. It is easily accessible, with no need to head into the higher regions. You can enjoy the outdoors, wildlife, and a nice walk, all without taking your life in your hands.

If Grand Junction's unusual weather has shut down your workplace or school, or at the very least affords you some extra time, make a point to get out and enjoy. Temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday (January 10 and 11) should be fairly warm. This is the perfect chance to walk in the "Winter Wonderland" despite the awkward conditions present throughout the valley.

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