If you have ever been on any of the trail systems in and around Grand Junction, you know there are some pretty steep rises in terrain on many of them.

And walking these trails I have thought a few times about grabbing a bike and heading out to ride on a few.  And then I looked at a few videos.

Now, I am no wimp, let me get that said. But I'm also not twenty anymore, either, so I have to take my overall well being into account when deciding how dangerous I will allow things to get. And after watching these, I think I'll walk.

Take this one for example. I can sum up, in one word, what my feelings are on this. Yes, it's a dirt bike and yes, I know how to ride one. Just, no.

Now this video has some possibilities. Not too insane, nice obvious trails and the view. Man.

You get the idea. Now get the bike out, slap on the go pro and get busy riding!

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