Men and women are very different, but when it comes to feeling confident, there are some common threads between the sexes that give us a boost.

Confidence can be a fleeting, elusive, and mysterious. Sometimes we feel extremely confident, without really knowing why. By the same token, we can have days where our confidence is as low as the bottom of the door on the lowest floor in the building - and not know why we are feeling that lack of self-confidence.

According to Daily Mail, things that make men and women both feel more confident are things like a sunny day, a new hair cut, perfume or aftershave, and learning a new skill.

Beyond that, the top 10 lists begin to differ.

For women, things that give them confidence including walking in heels, shaved legs, lipstick and having a tan.

For men, confidence boosters include a fresh shave, being praised at work, sleeping in fresh sheets (really??) and brushing their teeth.

One common denominator seems to be the idea that to feel good we need to look good. Looking our best, and being fresh and clean can be the first steps toward having a positive outlook and the by-product of self-confidence. Looking our best can lead others to perceive we have confidence, and the consequence is we begin to feel more confident.

Here's the list of top 20 confidence boosters for both men and women.