Sometimes you just can't help yourself. You find yourself at work, and your eyes are so heavy you desperately need a few minutes of shut-eye. Here are three ways to sleep at work without getting caught.

We have been hearing that having a nap in middle of the day can make you a better, more productive worker and make you feel better, too.  But, how can you get this much needed power nap in without everyone in the office thinking you're some kind of slacker?

ABC News share these three ways to get that power nap in at work - without getting caught.
1) Lie on the floor under your desk. If someone comes by, you simply pretend you are having computer problems and needing to plug something back in.

2) Lean your head or chin on one hand, and put something in front of you so it looks like you are reading. You might even trying putting a pen in the other hand to sell it a little bit better.

3) Make it look like you are reaching down to pick something up off the floor. Lean forward so your forehead rests on the desk, with one arm hanging down. Be sure and put a piece of paper directly below you dangling arm so it looks like you are reaching for it.

Any of these methods for catching a power nap at work should work -- as long as you don't snore -- or drool.

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