I actually get to take a couple of days for vacation and started looking at short, three-day vacations and I found some real gems.

The first thing I noticed when I started looking is many of the hotels and vacation destination assume you're looking for a romantic little getaway. Not me. I just want to go, by myself, and relax for a few days. Eliminating the "love-bird" spots, what was left are some gorgeous, not too expensive places I can't wait to check out. Or, is that into?

I have been here a number of times, but only for a few hours before heading back home. So this time, I would stay the whole three days. And what would I get to do and where would I go? I am glad you asked. There are a number of places to stay, and the room rates are pretty decent.

As far as things to do are concerned, you can't go wrong if you check out Arches National Park. I have only spent about four hours total here, not enough time to see everything. This time, that's what I would do. See everything. Not that that is the only thing to do in Moab. If I have enough money, I may even go skydiving, and take that off of my bucket list!

If I go south, instead, I will stay in Montrose, where I will have no problem at all getting to really cool places like checking out the Spring Creek Waterfall or tour The Black Canyon National Park or maybe go even further south and head to Ouray and soak awhile.

Going east is always a possibility. Glenwood Springs offers a wide range of activities, including the Hot Springs Pool, the vapor caves and of course, the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. And historically, I can pay my respects to Doc Holliday! And, as close as it is to Aspen, I may even have lunch near the Maroon Bells!

Vacation. Even the word sounds magical.

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