Free Arches Admission
One of the most scenic areas in the United States is less than two hours from Grand Junction and admission to Arches National Park will be free on November 11.
It's Gone!
The Cobra rock formation that once resided as part of the Fisher Tower formations near Moab has crumbled due to severe storm weather, according to suspecting experts.
Real or Fake
I found this insanely huge rope swing video and they say it’s in Moab, Utah. I can be a crazy guy and will do some wild things but I think I would need to check out where the rope is attached to before I jumped.
Did You Feel it?
The USGS has since downgraded the magnitude of the earthquake to a 3.9.
The USGS is reporting that there was an earthquake thirty-five miles east south-east of Moab, UT -- people are saying they could feel it here in Grand Junction.