Interstate 70 was closed today because of a fire near the road. The closure was for both lanes at mile marker 122, with crews working to put it out.

This story brings back a lot of memories of my time in Glenwood Canyon. I grew up in Eagle and spent a lot of time in the canyon whether it was hiking up to Hanging Lake, floating down the river in a raft, or simply passing through on my way to Glenwood to shop at places like Wal-Mart, Sam Goody or the mall.

However, one memory that sticks out comes from a very young age, when they were actually working on the road that is currently in the canyon, and would close the canyon for long periods of time.

The Glenwood Springs Wal-Mart was more favored by my mother at the time, so she, my sister, and I would frequent it. However, because they were working on the road and would close it, we would sit there for long periods of time. This was the early 90s, and my sister and I were very young, so to keep us occupied, we'd get out of the car and look down at the river. In fact, after construction was finished, I remember asking my mom if we could stop and get out.

The story of today's fire also brings back not-so-happy memories of my childhood in Glenwood Springs - the Storm King Mountain fire. If you're not familiar, Storm King Mountain is on the western edge of town and was so devastating that some firefighters lost their lives in the blaze.

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