There will always be differences in the sexes, including what we consider romantic. Here are some things that most guys think are romantic but most women don't.

Some guys just aren't romantic. Other guys want to be, but don't know how. Then there are guys who try to be romantic and fail miserably.

To help out the romantically challenged, Cosmopolitan offers a list of thing that guys think are romantic, but that women don't.

(Svetlana Privezentseva)

At the top of the list is cheesy gifts like heart-shaped jewelry and stuffed teddy bears.

It may seem like a good (easy) idea at the time, but the fact is, these gifts require absolutely zero amount of forethought part of the guy, which translates into very little positive emotional response on the part of the recipient.

(Erik Snyder)

Here's one I completely agree with - public proposals.

Sure, these CAN be romantic, but there's a lot of things that can go wrong.

Besides that, it puts a lot of pressure on the person being asked and she may say "yes" simply to save you both the embarrassment. She also might end up resenting the fact that you pressured her into saying yes, and that can't be a positive way to start a new life together.

Generally, it seems a much better idea - and more romantic - to carefully plan a nice, private romantic proposal event for just the two of you.

And, guys, please ... please keep the ring in your pocket until she says yes. That way it doesn't look like you are trying to bribe her into marrying you by making her go starry-eyed over some magnificent piece of diamond jewelry.


Here's another one. Scaring or pranking your beloved is never romantic or endearing.

Save the pranks for your buddies at work.

There is nothing about doing these things that is attractive in any way. The one you love should be the one person  you can trust and count on - at all times. Guys, just don't do it!

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