If you want to make the most of your time in Colorado, don't go to this tourist trap. Overrated and undersized and not the best place to visit in Colorado.

Save yourself some time and money by skipping the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave near Golden Colorado.

When I was looking around to see what exactly is at this museum. Apparently the drive and buffalo are something to be weary of, according this Yelp review:

 If you're driving from Golden up Lookout Mountain Road, I hope you have the nerve for taking on a winding mountain road with switchbacks and a ton of extremely brave bicyclists.  Otherwise you can come from the opposite direction, off I70 to 40, which is less harrowing.
Among the displays were a list of places the Show had visited, bullet displays, a 'horse' for kids to dress up and sit on, and a huge stuffed buffalo that needed dusting ...

Here are my reasons why you should skip it.

  1.  Save your money. It's $5 for admission. Who wants to pay $5 see a grave and a museum with a bunch of dusty clothes and a buffalo in it?
  2. The best part is the parking lot, because there's a nice view. But there's a nice view pretty much everywhere in Colorado.
  3. The gift shop has  "the same stuff you'll find at similar spots in the area," according to Yelp review.

Save yourself the trip to the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave, here's what you need to know:

  • He was known for buffalo hunting, hence the nickname.
  • Buffalo Bill's real name is William F. Cody.
  • He spent much of his life in the Great Plains, he asked to be buried overlooking them.
  • Buffalo Bill lived from 1846-1917 and the museum opened 1921.

If this post isn't enough for you,  there's an online archive of photos which should do it for you. Take the family out and do something for free in the mountains and save yourself the time and money.

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