Most Colorado-based travelers are planning summer vacations inside United States borders, but a majority of those traveling abroad are heading to the United Kingdom. Grand Junction is a different story.

Based on information from Insure My Trip, the UK is the leading foreign destination for Colorado travelers. The second most traveled foreign vacation destination for Coloradoans was Italy followed by Canada, and then France.

It's a bit surprising to me that a tropical destination such as Cancun, Bermuda, or Jamaica didn't make the top four. Apparently, people in Colorado would rather see the Tower of London than lay on a white sandy beach soaking in the rays at a tropical resort.

I posted the question to our Grand Valley listeners on Facebook, if you were going on vacation in a foreign country this summer, where would it be? The number one and quite surprising response was Ireland.

Google Street View
Google Street View

After Ireland, the next most popular foreign destinations for Grand Junction were Greece, Italy, Scotland, Canada, New Zealand, and Canada.

There were a few surprises like Cuba, Croatia, Portugal - which certainly aren't the most popular tourist destinations. Only one person had my sentiment which is to go to Switzerland, and we had some folks choosing a tropical destination like the Bahamas, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Then there is Wyoming. Strange things come from Wyoming.

Somehow we shouldn't be surprised that the leading foreign vacation destinations for Wyomingites are Tanzania and Hungary, according to Insure My Trip. Maybe it's just me, but that just seems awfully strange.

If I'm traveling to a foreign country it's going to have to either be a beach in Mexico or some amazing hiking like Switzerland. I think I want to do something, not just see something - like the tower of London. The reality is, my vacation this year will only be as far as the "foreign" state of Utah.

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