It's a new year with a new governor, and new laws going on the books in Colorado.

We knew this was happening, but it's about to become official - the sale of full-strength beer in Colorado grocery stores.

The law was to go into effect January 1, but needed to get final legislative approval and a signature from new Colorado Governor Jared Polis. It is the very first bill the governor signs into law.

The new law marks a big change for Colorado grocery stores who previously only sell 3.2 beer, leaving full-strength sales to liquor stores. Now grocery stores stand to get an extra piece of the pie and make a slice in beer sales of local liquor stores.

Those of us that aren't beer drinkers will hardly notice the change. Those that do will reap the benefit of convenience, being able to pick up a regular six pack while at the grocery store stocking up on snacks and treats for the big game.

With a new governor at the helm in Colorado, it will be interesting to see what the next four years will hold, what new laws go on the books, and which former laws may fall by the wayside. Regardless, we'll always remember the governor's very first bill.

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