"What do you MEAN you didn't pay the rent?"

Have you ever had a situation where you had to move and had only 48 hours to do it?

How did that go? Were you able to get everything out? Did you get a place to move to? How about help?

By now, the sweat beads must be popping out all over your head at the thought of having to pull something like that off.

Fear not, we have suggestions to help you "git er dun"!

For starters, whatever the reason for this sudden move, do NOT do anything that will cause you jail time. While that will cover your room and board for awhile, you don't want to get that extreme. Karma bought a new bus. Just sayin'.

AFTER that, get busy looking for a new place. Keeping in mind you only have 48 hours, identify those ads that are "move-in ready," knowing that statement means different things to different people. Try to arrange showings, if you even go that far, close together to maximize the time limit you have. Do you have pets? Finding pet-friendly places can be a chore, and usually, involve more cost.

Speaking of cost. If you're like me, saving is a challenge, so you may have to go in with a roommate. Finding a good, honest roommate is nearly as difficult as finding a four leaf clover. You know they're out there, but, where? You can try Craigslist, but canvas your friends first. See if they know anyone who can step in. If not, try to get your prospective new landlord to understand your current situation and see if they will work with you to get you in, many will.

So, you have found your new place, and even have someone to go in with you. But, they can't help you move because they have a bad back, a bad knee, one lung, and a doctor's note.

So, back you go to your friends, Facebook, standing on a street corner with a sign, anything to get someone to help move. And hope they have a truck. And a dolly. And some furniture pads, although you have half a million blankets, they would probably work. As an aside, truck rentals vary from $19.99 for a pickup or small van to $39.99 or more for larger trucks.


So, the choir of angels sang, or your lucky number came up, and you not only found a place to move into that will let you have your dog (or cat, ferret, whatever) they are willing to work with you have a couple of friends with trucks and they are there and ready to help.

Now, as much as this sounds like a fantasy it CAN be done. All it takes is some advance planning, ahead of something you have no idea is coming, and you should sail right through it!

To sum it all up, the 48-hour move is no fun. But with the right friends, a few breaks, and a couple bucks, you should be able to get through it and if not, call me! But I can't carry anything, what with my bad back, bad knee, one lung and doctor's note and all.


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