Ditch the bar scene — time to check out the 'new' place Millennials are meeting up, and there's no cover charge (only late fees). 

While the public library does sound like it could be a trendy new bar, I'm talking about the actual public library here, believe it or not. Recent reports by both The Denver Post and the Coloradoan have claimed that in the digital age, Millenials actually really love the good ol' library.

The Denver Post did an article about how the library in Denver is a hang out for Millennials, while the Coloradoan cited a study which stated 'Nationally, Millennials are the generation most likely to use public libraries.' (This does not include university libraries.)

Relatively high library use by Millennials might be related to changes that many public libraries have undergone in the past 20 years.... people use computers and internet connections at libraries, as well as how interested they are in extra services such as literacy programs for young children, meeting spaces for community groups, and technology “petting zoos” that provide opportunities to explore 3-D printers and other tech gadgetry. - Pew Research Center

Looking to socialize? It may be time to turn the page on the apps and night life. Just, you know, remember to whisper. It's a library, after all.

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