The area around Grand Junction is well known for great discoveries of dinosaur fossils. One of the great places to learn more is at the 'End of the Age of Dinosaurs' exhibit, which will also see its end very soon.

The temporary exhibit at Dinosaur Journey in Fruita is almost over so before Tyrannosaurus Rex and company become extinct, a trip to the museum should be on your 'things to see' list this week.

The exhibit features a life-size animatronic T. Rex, as well as fossils from this huge carnivore. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about marine animals, mammals, and meteorites from 66 million years ago.

It also reconstructs and lets you re-live what may have caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs and why some species of animals survived and others didn't.

This is the last week of the exhibit at the Dinosaur Journey museum. You can experience the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the End of the Age of Dinosaurs at the museum this week from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. through Sunday (September 18).

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