I'm not a serious hiker, in fact, most of the time when I want to hike a specific trail it's all about just wanting to know if I can complete the trail. But after hiking the Palisade Rim Trail over this past weekend, I'm confident that is the best and the most fun trail I have ever hiked.

It's difficult to say it's the best trail in the area seeing as how there are still so many trails for me to check out. I'm really looking forward to visiting the Monument and enjoying some of the hiking trails there. But there was nothing about the Palisade Rim Trail that I didn't like.

From the very beginning, Savannah and I had discussed break-ins at trailheads so we didn't want to have any valuables in the truck as we began our adventure. But there was a Sheriff next to the trailhead parking lot so we had nothing to worry about. We also had no idea where the trail began but there was an easy-to-read map that got us on the trail.

This trail offered the small loop at just under 4 miles round trip or the big loop that is closer to 9.5 miles. The trail is good for hikers of all ages and ability although there are some areas with a narrow trail or incline so a bottle of water for your trip is a good idea.

The views were breathtaking and the sunshine felt so good as we made our way up the trail. This was so much fun and something I plan to do often after finding this little piece of paradise. Here are some of the pictures we took enjoying our day on the trail.

Palisade Rim Pictures

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