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The Western Colorado Senior Games begin August 21 in Grand Junction and here are the five events most likely not to cause crippling injury or death.You may reasonably wonder why we would bring up the idea of "crippling injury or death" and the reason is simple. Every Senior Games participant must sign a waiver of liability which states:

I am aware that participating in any sport/activity can be a dangerous activity involving many risks of injury, including crippling injury or death.

The waiver, of course, removes liability for any injury - or death-- from Grand Junction Parks and Rec. It's a reasonable and necessary document.

Some of the Senior Games are somewhat physical such as swimming, track and field, table tennis, and pickleball. Get an 85-year-old running the 400 Meter Dash and who knows what might happen. Other events, however, seem to have no inherent danger,  and here are five events that seem highly unlikely to cause "crippling injury or death."

  • Free Throw Shooting
  • Putting
  • Cornhole
  • Bocce
  • Pinochle

You can see that many of the events featured during the Western Colorado Senior Games do not require great athletic ability. Some require no athletic ability at all. But it is a fun way for seniors age 50 and older to compete and be active.

If the waiver of liability presenting the possibility of "crippling injury or death" kept you from participating this year, make plans to join the fun next summer.

The deadline for participation registration has passed for this year, but why not get out August 21-27 and cheer on Grand Junction's senior athletes.

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