There's no question that Grand Junction loves going to the movies, but there is one thing that could really improve the movie-going experience.

Plenty of us really enjoy going to the movies, and Grand Junction is blessed to have two outstanding movie theaters in the Regal Canyon View Stadium and the Picture Show. I know the Avalon shows movies, but it's not a movie theater so for the sake of this discussion it's really not included.

Americans have been going to the movies for more than one hundred years and there is no question we have come along way. From the quality of the picture to the comfort of the seats. The movie-going experience has been greatly enhanced. However, along with those improvements, our expectations have gone way up.

As nice as Grand Junction's movie theaters are, the experience could be better, and I recently asked the question on Facebook, "What would improve the movie-going experience in Grand Junction?"

Based on the responses, there is no question the folks in Grand Junction would like to see the movie experience going a little easier on their wallets.

Here are some of the responses we received.

* Bring back drive-in movies
* An IMAX screen
* Cheaper concessions
* Affordability - tickets and concessions
* Let’s see, dinner at Red Lobster or a drink and popcorn at the movies? The same price
* A cinema draft house where one can have dinner and see a show
* Cheaper popcorn
* Concession prices!!!!!
* Lower prices all around

Yes, I think the message is clear. The #1 thing that would improve the movie-going experience in Grand Junction would be cheaper prices. It's bad enough for just a couple, but if you have a family of four or five - or more, it takes some serious cash for a night out.

If there is one thing that is (slightly) encouraging is the fact that we all seem to be in the same boat and a lot of us share the same feelings. That doesn't mean anything is ever going to change. We are going to keep going to the movies and paying the price. But, somehow there is comfort in numbers.

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