EDITOR"S NOTE (May 2, 2022): we spoke with the town of Telluride who would like the public to know that they are trying to preserve this sensitive wetland area. Their official statement is:

The Telluride Open Space Commission is currently undergoing a revegetation and conservation project in the Lower Bear Creek Preserve. The Telluride Open Space Commission is working in a concerted effort to minimize the environmental degradation of this sensitive wetland area. A piece of this effort is to minimize the online presence of this delicate area in the Lower Bear Creek Preserve.

For this reason, we have removed the directions to the hiking area to help the town of Telluride in its effort of preservation. Please enjoy the beautiful photos of this area.

(Original Post with Edits from April 30, 2022)

Nestled in the lush forest of Telluride, Colorado sits a tropical escape known as the Lower Bear Creek Preserve.

At one time, hikers who were willing to make the 2.5-mile trek to get there are rewarded with an incredible sight, featuring cascading waterfalls and a lagoon surrounded by rocky crags.

The moss-covered rocks, flowing falls, and overall gorgeousness of Lower Bear Creek Preserve are unlike anywhere else in Colorado.

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