A home that is located on Aspen's Red Mountain, that is also known as "Billionaire's Mountain" has set a record for being the most expensive home ever sold in Pitkin County.

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Below, you will see photos of the interior of the home as well as a detailed walking tour of the home showcasing some of its luxurious and exclusive features.

The home located on Willoughby Way was purchased in June by Patrick Dovigi, a former hockey player and founder and CEO of Green For Life Environmental for $72.5 million according to the Denver Post.

Credit: Douglas Elliman
Credit: Douglas Elliman

The listing on Douglas Elliman describes the home as having a total of 11 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, and over 22,405 square feet of combined living space on four and a half acres of land.

Entering the home through the gigantic glass door on a swivel rather than hinges brings you straight into the best of the best in Aspen luxury. Massive oak beams can be found throughout the home.

According to YouTuber, Erik Conover, this is the most expensive single-family home ever sold in the state of Colorado. The description of the video of Willoughby Way states the property is so exclusive that the entire transaction of the home was done off of the real estate market.

Take a twenty-minute in-depth and detailed walking tour of this $72.5 million Aspen home with Erik Conover.

Source: Erik Conover YouTube - Denver Post - Douglas Elliman

Take a Tour of the Most Expensive Home Ever Sold in Aspen

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