Building model cars is a great hobby for kids and adults. But for a Grand Junction man, that hobby has turned into something incredibly marvelous.

The parts for these models come from kits, but the cars Dan Mackenzie builds aren't those you buy at the hobby store and assembled per instructions.

They are a conglomeration of an enormous number of kits and some ingenious retooling of some of the parts from those kits that make these model cars one-of-a-kind.

Dan Mackenzie is a veteran who served in the US Army from 1966-1974. He was stationed in Germany from 1966-1968 and spent the remainder of his Army career in Alaska, Fort Dix and Fort Carson.

The showing at the Veterans Art Center at 12 and Ute Avenue ends on Thursday (September 29)  so you only have a day left to see and learn from Dan's portfolio of what goes into each of the over 140 models on display.

While you're at the show, if there is a particular model car you'd like to take home, Dan just might sell it to you. He needs to make room for more models on the drawing board he's ready to build.

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