Haven’t you ever been groggily watching ‘The Price is Right’ one morning, only to find yourself thinking, “boy, that reasonably priced set of crystal stemware would seem more obtainable if it were presented by a handsome chap, rather than this distractingly attractive gal?”  Word for word, you say?  Well, good news everyone!  ‘The Price is Right’ is about to become equal opportunity, and you could be the next one to come on down!

According to Entertainment Weekly, ‘The Price is Right’ is holding its first-ever contest to find a new model to display products, and this one will look startlingly different than the show’s previous tenants.  CBS has decided to add a male presence to ‘The Price is Right,’ at least testing out the idea of a male display model for a week of the show’s run under host Drew Carey.  Better yet, it could be you!

The search for a male model will air as a five-episode web series on ‘The Price is Right’s official website as well as its YouTube channel in late September.  The show will hold an open casting call in Los Angeles Thursday, August 30, when contestants will be evaluated on “qualities such as their verbal skills, posing and ability to properly showcase a product.” Viewers will be able to pick the final  winner by voting online through October 4 at Priceisright.com.

What say you?  Do you have what it takes to be the first real male ‘Price is Right’ model?  Will the gender change affect anything about the way you watch?  Be a model citizen by giving us your thoughts in the comments below!

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