Have you seen this person. He is suspected of using a stolen credit card at a couple of Clifton businesses two weeks ago.

The credit card in question was used at Murdoch's on February 23. It's possible that same card was used at the nearby McDonald's on that same day.

Okay, so the pictures aren't exactly National Geographic sharp. Fortunately in this case, you can make out some facial features.

What precisely is Mr. Shopper looking for in these photos? In the right profile photo you'll see DeadShot shooting bags. What are those? The serve as a shooting surface for a rifle. Retail price is usually between $18 and $35. I'm not making any commentary here. Simply, I'm point out this suspect enjoys shooting supplies and Happy Meals with a hot apple pie.

If you recognize this person or have any information, you are encouraged to contact the Mesa County Sheriff's Office via private message.

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