The official state report following the investigation into the accidental death of 20-year-old Grand Junction resident Ciara Romero at Get Air at the Silo has been released.

According to the Colorado Department of Oil and Public Safety report, the investigation could not determine what caused a malfunction in the QuickJump XL device used at Get Air.

The report does say a disconnection of the harness from the QuickJump XL device led to Romero's fall. The report also says the device and harness were both intact and in working order following the free fall that led to Romero's death.

The Colorado Department of Oil and Public Safety were unable to determine if the device and harness that disconnected from each other were compromised prior to or during the fall.

Following the accident and death in January, businesses using the QuickJump XL or similar devices in Colorado were no longer allowed to use them pending results of the investigation.

Even though the investigation is complete, the jump devices cannot be used until the Colorado Department of Oil and Public Safety determines what additional safety equipment needs to be incorporated into the free-fall harnesses and connectors. This may include redundancy added to the system that would provide additional safety if the primary device fails.

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