Seems like most of us turn to food when we feel stressed and when we are going through a rough time and so I wanted to find out where people in  Grand Junction are finding their comfort.

A lot of times we may not even realize we are stress-eating - until perhaps we step back and notice the pattern. Stress equals food.

For some people, there may not be one particular food they turn to in times of trouble, while for others, there may be one or two specific foods who's number always gets called during stressful times.

So, I put the question out there.....when you are sad, depressed, or stressed what is the #1 comfort food you reach for?

One person said music, however, I'm pretty sure that's not something you can eat. Someone else said they try not to eat when they feel stressed. That's all well and good if it works for you, but, for many of us, when stress comes knocking we seek comfort and pleasure in food.

The comfort food most often mentioned in our poll was chocolate. That should surprise no one. There truly is something soothing and comforting about biting into a good piece of chocolate - lots of chocolate. But, there were plenty of surprised in the responses.

Here are the top10 responses to our poll.

1) Chocolate
2) Ice Cream
3) Pasta
4) Mexican Food
5) Chocolate Milk
6) Fried Chicken
7) Tacos
8) Peanut M & Ms
9) PB & J
10) Pickles

I am surprised that my personal comfort food wasn't on the list - cookies and/or chips. I am a fool for cookies and chips - and yes, sometimes together along with a cold glass of milk. Suddenly, I am feeling like I may need some comforting tonight.

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