Not kidding. They let me have my own app alert channel and I want you all to subscribe to it.

You already have the freedom to take KOOL everywhere you go, right? And how many times have you wished you could ask me a question, or send me a sunset pic? (You know I love those. Sunrises, too)

As if that wasn't, well, KOOL enough, I can send you alerts to some of my posts that I think you might like and because we are friends, I will even let you know when push notifications are coming for contests and all kinds of fun things.

If you already have the app downloaded, open your menu (the three lines in the left-hand corner), go to settings and alert settings where you will see Jack's KOOL Drive (neat name, huh?). Turn those on and you are on your way.

And if you don't have the app downloaded, do that here then follow those instructions and you are there.

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