This cat thinks he has a much better look at the world around him when he sits up on his back two legs rather than using all four like most normal cats do.

It's understandable if an animal sits up to beg for a treat or as a trick taught to it by its owner. But, this cat has taken sitting up to a whole new level by sitting up on his two hind legs almost all the time.

Since we can't really ask the 8-month-old exotic shorthair cat named George, why he prefers sitting this way, I guess we can only assume it's either more comfortable or more advantageous. There's also the possibility he's just mimicking human behavior or that of the famous comic strip cat, Garfield who's been known to even walk on two legs.

So if sitting up is so natural for this cat, what trick does the cat have to perform to get a little catnip treat from his owners?