There are several abandoned mines in Colorado including one very iconic mine located along I-70.

If you've ever traveled I-70 through Idaho Springs you have probably passed by one of the most iconic abandoned mines in the state, but do you know about its past - or better yet its future?

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The History of the Stanley Mines Co.

Back in 1859, gold was first discovered in the town we now know as Idaho Springs. Numerous mining companies and buildings were developed and despite the present-day absence of gold, many of these buildings are still standing. There's little information available about when the building that housed the Stanley Mines Co. was first constructed, but a photograph confirms its existence between 1890-1910.

Stanley Mines Co. Plans

Idaho Springs is proud of its gold mining history and you can find several tourist attractions with an emphasis on mining.

A developer by the name of Bruce Russell was reported to have a big restoration idea for the historic landmark and announced plans to turn the abandoned mining building into a mining-themed amusement park.

The proposal for the park included a mine shaft tour, alpine and zip rides, a restaurant and bar, and even rollercoasters.

This brilliant idea was announced in 2018, but since then there's been no word on the progress of the amusement park.

Stanley Mines Adventure Park or Bust?

Initially, the developer estimated that the park would take three to five years to complete, but believed that the first phase would be completed by Memorial Day weekend of 2019.

A website for the adventure park is currently up and simply states, "Coming Soon" with a message that reads:

The Stanley Mines Adventure Park will provide a historic environment of adventure, immersive entertainment and year-round special events. The operation will include heritage experiences, mining themed thrill rides, and family rides.

A drive past the landmark doesn't show much (or any) change from previous years, so what's really happening with the project? Colorado natives and tourists are ready for answers and an update would be much appreciated.

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