Many people around Grand Junction have put the skis and boards away for the season. For those who haven't, spring skiing provides the perfect blend of two great things about living in Western Colorado, a warm day and snow.

It's been a long time since I've taken a day off for skiing in March. Usually, the time is spent on finding bicycling gear stored away during the winter, getting the bike tuned up and planning the first ride of the season.

The trip to Powderhorn on a sunny Monday, (March 16) wasn't planned, it just turned out to be the only day this season my son and I could go. While the conditions weren't ideal, there was enough snow on most runs to make it a fun day. The lift ride, typically cold in January and February was warm and comfortable. I basked in the sun so much, that I got a nice face burn.

Photo, Ed Chandler

As ski areas start winding down for the season, my own lack of days on the slope haven't hurt business for Colorado ski resorts. According to Colorado Ski Country USA, skier visits at their member resorts were up almost two percent for the season. January and February were even more impressive with an increase of 3.7 percent from last year.

This 'snow bunny' looked a lot better when we saw it in the morning. By late afternoon, it had started melting away.

Skier visits to Powderhorn through February were down from last year due to lack of snow early in the season, but March numbers look strong. Still, the resort is planning to end their season March 29. A couple of good snow storms could keep other areas around the state open well into April.

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