This is so cool. The closest ski resort to Grand Junction, Powderhorn, has unveiled its latest form of lodging, tiny homes. If you're not familiar, tiny homes are a fairly new craze sweeping the nation. They are fairly affordable, and from what I understand, quite comfortable.

Powderhorn's tiny homes sleep four to eight people and are conveniently located at the base of the mountain. In addition, Powderhorn is the only ski resort in Colorado to offer tiny homes to rent.

While a big beautiful hotel is fun to stay in, they can be very expensive, especially in ski towns. For example, hotels in Vail can range from over $100 per night to nearly $300 per night. Powderhorn's tiny homes are comparable in price and obviously offer a lot more privacy.

Plus, although the tiny homes are a little smaller than a single-wide trailer, they are extremely modern and much fancier. They are fully furnished, have a full kitchen, bathroom, and everything you need to have a comfortable stay.

Another unique thing about these tiny homes is that they are just that, unique. Each of Powderhorn's tiny homes are different in their own way, and prices vary accordingly. While there are only a handful of tiny homes at Powderhorn currently, the resort plans to erect as many as a hundred in the future, available to either rent or purchase.

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