Visitors to Dinosaur Journey in Fruita will be thrilled with the makeover given to one of its most popular exhibits "Midnight at the Oasis", commonly referred to as the "spitting dinosaur."

The exhibit shows a Dilophosaurus which, according to the Museum of Western Colorado's October newsletter, was the largest predatory dinosaur during North America's Middle Jurassic Period. The reptile has come to an oasis to drink, but then is startled and spits water on unsuspecting museum guests.

Recent enhancements to the exhibit have made it more accurate to the period, as well as making it an even better experience for visitors.

The updates, which were made possible by Whitewater Building Materials, include:

  • Removing all plants that were inaccurate to the Middle Jurassic world, and the addition of more accurate vegetation
  • A new detailed mural of night time in the desert
  • A new interpretive sign
  • Renovating the bridge to make it safer and ADA compliant
  • Adding mist makers in the water pool
  • A feathered crest extending down the back of the neck
  • New LED lighting to create the feeling of midnight

The dinosaur museum is open Monday thru Saturday 10AM-4PM and noon til 4PM on Sundays. Dinosaur Journey will be the site of KOOL 107.9's annual trick-or-treat event on Halloween.