Grand Junction motorists need to be aware of a speed limit change on G Road.

According to Grand Junction City Officials, the speed limit on G Road will be reduced from 45 MPH to 40 MPH beginning June 30.

G Road has become a popular route for people heading to Canyon View Park, and now to the new Community Hospital, which is located on G Road west of 24 Road.

Much of G Road already has a posted 40 MPH speed limit. The  speed reduction from 45 MPH will start at 25 Road and continue out to 23 Road.

Motorists familiar with G Road already know about the two roundabouts that help to slow down traffic along the route. The reduced speed limit should also help to make the narrow road safer, though we don't know if that particular road has seen a large number of accidents.

Two questions remain. Will motorists honor the new 40 MPH speed limit? Will the new speed limit be strictly enforced? Only time will tell.