A grant from the Animal Assistance Foundation is making it possible for animal services to get spay and neuter vouchers to various animal clinics across Mesa County.

If you're wanting to get your pet spayed or neutered check with one of the participating veterinarians and you can get the procedure done for $25.

As you know, getting your pet spayed or neutered helps to keep the population under control, but did you also know it helps your pet live a longer, healthier life?

Animals that aren't spayed or neutered are less healthier than those who have had the procedure and are also more prone to fights and injuries.

For pet owners who wish to get the voucher, your pet must be up to date on its rabies shots. Since that is not covered by the fee, if your pet is not up to date you will need to get that part done before you can have the procedure done.

The vouchers are available through September 30.

Here are the veterinarians taking part in the program:

All Pets Center: 970-241-1976
Animal Birth Control: 970-523-5487
Amigo Animal Clinic: 970-245-0210
Arrowhead Veterinary Hospital: 970-858-8881
CLAWS (feline only): 970-697-1010
Cottonwood Veterinary Hospital: 970-245-0135
Desert Spring Veterinary Services: 970-858-8063
Dr. Jean Fromm, DVM: 970-434-0811
Footprints Animal Hospital: 970-241-4247
Grand View Animal Hospital: 970-523-2060
Orchard Mesa Veterinary Hospital: 970-241-9866
Redlands Pet Clinic: 970-245-4060
VCA Tiara Rado Animal Hospital: 970-243-4007

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