Understand we have no reports of this happening locally, but a social media rumor is warning of a deadly trend at dog parks in Chicago and Massachusetts. Read this before you take your best friend to the dog park!Apparently Regional Express, a website out of Croatia, posted a photo of what looks like tacks inside bite sized treats, with a warning that this is the latest nasty trend at public Dog Parks. The item first appeared in 2011 on the internet. Here is the Facebook Post by Regional Express. The photo alone has gained over 16 thousand shares and more than 200 likes so far.

In researching online to verify this story, it has been found that since this story posted, items are being found in the United States and other countries, but not in the places it was originally reported. The bad thing is that the spread of rumors usually leads to copycats then turning the item into reality.

Something like this might not kill your pet, but it could cause them grave injuries. Most people care for their pets as family and not just property, so they would not want this to happen to their loved one. There has always been the rumor of needles in Halloween Candy, but no documented cases have ever been proven.

Always try to verify any rumors that you find by using Google, Yahoo, Dogpile or Snopes before passing them on to others. It is better to try to stop the spread of untruths rather than to help them to get bigger, and possible to become a grim reality.

What do you think? Have you ever passed on something that was a "Warning" without verifying it? Post you comments below and we might use them on air!